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Climate change and precipitation, earthquke induced landslides and debris flows had become an important issue in Taiwan, the importance raised especially after the approval of Geology Act and Disaster Prevention and Protection Act. The main task of our group is to understand the relationships between multiple-hazards, in this status mainly focus on sediment related hazards. To fufill the task, remote sensing interpretation, field investigation, susceptibility analysis and numerical simulation were the main tools. The research results could provide the information for national land-use planning and disaster risk management in the future.

Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment Research Group組成員介紹
  • Ting-Chi Tsao Principal Engineer(兼組長)
  • Ching-Fang Lee Senior Researcher
  • Chuen-Ming Huang Senior Researcher
  • Chih-Hau Hsu Senior Researcher
  • Chuan-Yi Huang Associate Researcher
  • Jung-Hsing Chien Assistant Engineer
  • Wei-Kai Huang Associate Researcher

The background of the group members include geotechnical engineering, geology, civil engineering, hydraulic engineering ,disaster prevention management, and geography. One with PhD degree and 7 hold master degree.


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