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The major task is to analysis how the large-scale multiple natural hazard (e.g. earthquake and extreme climate) impacts urban areas and critical infrastructures. According to the results of hazard analyses, we could build up the policy of prevention plans and loss assessment. The topics of research relate to hazard scenario simulation technology of severe earthquakes and floods, the development of creating natural hazard susceptibility maps, the techniques of three-dimensional geological models and so on. The expectation is to build a natural hazard evaluation model for urban area and critical infrastructure in order to provide the information for disaster prevention and to strengthen the resilience to natural hazards.

Urban Disaster Scenario Research Group組成員介紹
  • Kuo-Shih Shao Chief(兼組長)
  • Pao-Shan Hsieh Associate Researcher
  • Po-Shen Lin Senior Researcher
  • Yi-Rui Lee Associate Researcher
  • Yin-Tung Yen Senior Researcher
  • Ming-Che Hsich  Associate Researcher

We have two PhDs and three Masters in our group. The backgrounds of the members include Seismology, Geology, Geographic Information System, Geotechnical and Civil Engineering, and Information Technology.

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